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I'm Erica Bibbings, I'm a Gloucestershire based mosaic artist. I was drawn to mosaic over 30 years ago. We dug up the Victorian rubbish pit in our garden and uncovered a mass of blue and white china shards. They were a vibrant reminder of the lives of the previous occupants of our home.

My ongoing fascination with mosaic has constantly evolved and now I teach from my home studio as well as for the Gloucester Arts and Crafts Group, Nature in Art, Hawkwood college, the W.I., the N.T., and art groups in the S.W. of England.

I am a member of the Cheltenham Open Studios, sell at exhibitions and work to commission.

I also restore mosaics, including the Moorish mosaic fountain at Sudeley castle. 


Although it was Victorian china shards that first caught my interest, ceramic and glass tesserae form the backbone of my work. Stone, marble, smalti, sea-worn glass and china all prove irresistible.

Colour and pattern run through the detail of our everyday lives. I love the spark of recognition that happens when you spot a piece of crockery at a flea market, an old familiar pattern that you didn't know you knew. It transports you straight back to your Grandmother's kitchen/student flat.

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